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  • November 14, 2023
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Company Information

The name UTECO is strongly related with the construction of temperature sensors.

Since 1972, we study, design and produce sensors for all applications, ensuring accuracy, repeatability, durability, long life cycle, in the world’s most widely used type of measurement.

We maintain a leading position in the Greek market and aim at obtaining an ever-increasing footprint in the global automation market. In this light, we invest in human resources, equipment, facilities, certifications, and innovative production processes.

We expanded our department’s business activity by manufacturing level switches in order to meet the market’s need for specialized solutions. Proper selection of materials and quality construction are among our priorities as we consider them critical for the outcome of the manufacturing process.

With the combination of: (a) half a century’s experience, (b) expertise, (c) manufacturing capabilities, (d) skilled staff, (e) modern technology materials, and (f) passion for quality, the USP department is able to provide the optimum techno-economic solution for temperature or level measurement and monitoring.

M&I department of UTECO:

  • Specializes in the provision of integrated solutions regarding instruments & sensing automation able to cover every measurement, registering and control application.
  • Guarantees proven and reliable solutions, based on a wide knowledge of the current developments in technology.
  • Exploits UTECO’s exclusive partnerships with renowned foreign firms, which for many years have created the developments in automation.
  • Directly and effectively supports all partners requiring specialization, quality and know-how.
  • Aims in becoming your valuable partner.

UTECO’s APM department provides comprehensive proposals in the fields of Automation, Power and Motion, combining high-tech equipment from renowned foreign firms. UTECO’s full product Portfolio can meet all industry and shipping needs in a variety of applications and in any working environment.

Therefore, we are at your disposal to swiftly meet all your needs with brand names synonymous with quality and reliability.

Mitsubishi Electric FA:

The ‘diamond’ of automation with PLC, LV Drives, HMI, SERVO, Low Voltage Switchgear, Robots, SCADA, DCS.


The rising brand in the field of speed regulation with special type LV AC Drives (regenerative, low harmonics, IP66), LV and MV soft starters, MV Drives, harmonic suppression active filters, Central PV inverters and EV chargers.

UTECO’s C&C department offers the knowledge required and provides suggestions for choosing the right type of cable – always a critical decision in either advanced or conventional technology applications.

The C&C department is staffed with highly experienced people whose knowledge of special cables guarantees the most exemplary proposals and economical solutions. Excellent delivery times are also guaranteed due to high availability of products.

Since its inception, our company abides by the policy of accompanying quality products to the market with a corresponding quality of technical support service.

Our SERVICE department is designed to provide you with the technical support services which you desire. Our technical support is not solely offered prior to your purchase we provide all the appropriate support during commission and after sales services.

Current job openings at UTECO

UTECO 5-7, Mantos Mavrogenous street, Greece Nov, 13
UTECO 5-7, Mantos Mavrogenous street, Greece Nov, 13
UTECO 5-7, Mantos Mavrogenous street, Greece Nov, 13
UTECO 5-7, Mantos Mavrogenous street, Greece Nov, 13
UTECO 5-7, Mantos Mavrogenous street, Greece Nov, 13
CAD Drafter Full-time
UTECO 5-7, Mantos Mavrogenous street, Greece Nov, 13