Building the green entrepreneurship competence framework

The results of PR1 are the following:


  • e-Mapping of green enterprises, good practices, initiatives, mobility courses etc. in partner countries, in order to identify the current scene at the national level.
  • Database with partners, organisations and eco-entrepreneurs who can participate in the recruitment programme.
  • Profile of successful green entrepreneurs.
  • Green Audit Tool for the identification of the green – entrepreneurial needs and gaps of Young People (YP) and Youth Workers (YWs) through an online screening tool based on which to design the capacity building training.
  • Presentation of national results in audio-visual methods
  • GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMPETENCE FRAMEWORK against which Young Peoples’ skills will be monitored, assessed and validated through the Open Badges system to be developed in PR2.
  • Expert Advisory Group to ensure the quality of the project through the MEMORANDUM OF COOPERATION TARGET GROUPS.

This PR1 has innovative features both in terms of technological procedures/tools and its expected impact is closely related to the provision and access of information with regards to the green entrepreneurship scene in each partner country. The interactive green entrepreneurial tool is an excellent resource in the hands of YP and YWs to look for ROLE MODELS, MENTORS and AMBASSADORS who can motivate YP to follow an entrepreneurial career with an impact on the environment and the community they live in. The GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP FRAMEWORK contributes to the upgrade of youth work and can be used by other sectors and target groups.

Green-Entrepreneurial Audit for Young People and Youth Workers

Infographic Videos

The GreenWave framework



The GreenWave Experts - Advisory Committee