Multimedia pack

The results-products of PR2 are the following:


  • the Blended Capacity Building Program to be offered in PR4 to YP and YWs as part of the GREENWAVE HUBS to be set up, based on the non-formal learning and assessment pack which contain:
  1. a set of supporting materials, resources, multimedia tools and resources etc.
  2. a booklet to guide YP and YWs on how to set up a green enterprise, and
  3. the eco-system of the Open Badges
  • the AR Learning Game for green entrepreneurship will incorporate scenarios and case studies about issues to be addressed such as exploring the market, setting business plans, tips, pitfalls, e-commerce etc, as the main pillars of the training materials.
  • a mobile app that could be used by anyone interested to acquire ecopreneurial skills

The products-results are used by both YWs and YP, who were also be involved in the design and Development.

The PR2 has several innovative features such as the adoption of the Open Badges for validation of newly acquired skills, as well as the development of an AR Game offered online and free to support YP to become green-preneurs in an engaging and interactive way.


All products developed as part of PR2 empower YP and YWs and ultimately promote the acquisition of social–green entrepreneurial skills, attitudes, knowledge and competences thus creating an eco-mind-set among youth with social impact on the communities, the environment and the economy of their countries.

The AR Game

The Booklet

Below is the Greenwave Booklet for setting up a Green and Social Enterprise.