Open interactive portal, e-learning and recruitment tool for green-preneurs

The main results of PR3 are:

  1. the DYNAMIC and INTERACTIVE web-portal (cloud-based) offering the following functions:
  2. e-LEARNING PORTAL with all material developed in PR1 for the Capacity Building Program
  3. e- ASSESSMENT for the validation of the green and entrepreneurial skills through the eco-system of the Open Badges
  4. e-LIBRARY for professional development (training opportunities, KA1 in EU etc.), and support material for youth workers (tools, resources, material etc.)
  5. e-NETWORK for the promotion of the ideas and business plans of young people
  6. hands on experiences for YP to work in green enterprises
  7. the MAPPING TOOL based on Google Maps for the recording and presentation of the green enterprises, initiatives and programs.

All products of PR3 are based on a combination of open-source technologies in order to be easily maintainable, transferable, extensible and adaptable to other contexts after the end of the project implementation period.

The Open Badge Manual