Green Entrepreneurship youth hubs Tool Kit

The PR4 is the last output in the lifetime of the project and is closely linked to equipping young people with all essential competences and skills in order to explore the opportunities provided in the green economy and market.

The results are:

  • A multi-media campaign that will first, raise the awareness of the public (especially YP, YWs, volunteers etc.) and second, to launch the GREEN WAVE RECRUITMENT SCHEME which will offer opportunities for upskilling, job shadowing, internships etc.

  • A TOOL KIT highly needed for the implementation of the CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAM as part of the GREEN YOUTH HUBS
  • The GREEN YOUTH EXHIBITION among YP to present their green plans for setting up an eco-enterprise.
  • The RECRUITMENT SCHEME as part of the sustainability, exploitation


The PR4 promotes further the 2019 EU GREEN DEAL in proving pro-active and up-skilling opportunities to reap the green transition leading to a circular economy.