Kit de instrumentos para centros juvenis de Empreendedorismo Verde

O PR4 é a última saída na vida do projeto e está intimamente ligado a dotar os jovens de todas as competências e aptidões essenciais para explorar as oportunidades oferecidas na economia verde e no mercado.

Os resultados são:

  • Uma campanha multimídia que, em primeiro lugar, aumentará a conscientização do público (especialmente YP, YWs, voluntários etc.)

  • UM KIT DE FERRAMENTAS altamente necessário para a implementação do PROGRAMA DE CAPACITY BUILDING como parte dos GREEN YOUTH HUBS
  • A GREEN YOUTH EXHIBITION entre YP para apresentar seus planos verdes para a criação de uma eco-empresa.
  • O ESQUEMA DE RECRUTAMENTO como parte da sustentabilidade, exploração


O PR4 promove ainda mais o GREEN DEAL 2019 da UE ao provar oportunidades pró-ativas e de qualificação para colher a transição verde que leva a uma economia circular.

The Booklet

Below is the Greenwave Booklet for setting up a Green and Social Enterprise.

Green Recruitment Scheme

Info Days

Marca’s InfoDay

Marca’s GreenWave Info Day happened on the 22nd of June 20223, in the facilities of the Startup incubator that exists in Montemor-o-Novo, and during that morning we were able, not only, to present the project to a group of young participants, but also to start a fruitful discussion on green businesses and green jobs, where all the participants were invited to think of green businesses they might know and why they are green.
By having the great opportunity to have our Info Day on the facilities of the Startup incubator, it was also possible for all the participants to have a small tour of this space, to get to know what this project does and how it helps kick-off business ideas, and also to meet some of the entrepreneurs and businesses that are currently being helped. Specifically, we met with two entrepreneurs, one in the pottery business, and other in the cosmetics business, both using local products and trying to be sustainable in their processes.

Emphasys Info Day

Between the 16th – 18th of May 2023, Emphasys Centre conducted the info day and two workshops with 4 Youth workers with the purpose of educating and informing them of the GreenWave project and conducting workshops in two green businesses to how these can be applied. Later they would inform young people from their networks to participate in the projects pilot testing phase.

LFC Info Day

Presentation of the general framework, Aims and expected results of the project as part of international training course for Youth workers, promoting nature based practices for personal development.

E-Business Academy Info Day

As a part of the Green Youth Hubs initiative, E-academy organized an info day during the eco-festival and film festival in Zagrazhden 2023 village. The event took place in the Rhodope Mountains. It was attended by 30 people, most of them between 21 and 26. Again we talked about Circular Economy and why they think it’s important. There were some really interesting thoughts and being out in nature was a really good addition

Digital Storytelling

Below are four testimonials from the C1 training which took place in Cyprus where the participants described their experience and the knowledge gained through this experience. There are also two testimonials from some of the project partners explaining the project and the impact of the Greenwave project!