Reunião de lançamento

DATA: 14 de janeiro de 2022



“O KOM para o projeto GREENWAVE foi sediado pela E-business Academy, no dia 14 de janeiro de 2022. Durante a reunião, os parceiros e os membros foram apresentados ao consórcio.

A visão geral do projeto foi apresentada e os assuntos importantes foram discutidos e resolvidos para as etapas seguintes da implementação, e os prazos foram definidos para as próximas tarefas

Second Transnational Meeting

DATE: 21st – 22nd of June 2022

HOSTING ORGANISATION:  Marca – Associação de Desenvolvimento Local


📢 The GREENWAVE project has successfully completed the second transnational meeting in Portugal!

♻️The KA2 Erasmus+ GREENWAVE project aims to address the issue of youth unemployment and support young people by opening new routes for them in the green economy. The project is in line with the priority of tackling environmental and climate changes (SDG 2030) as well as promoting the EU GREEN DEAL SCHEME.

👉 During the TPM2 that was held in hybrid mode on the 21st and 22nd of June, partners addressed the tasks they are currently working on, set goals for the future, and discussed the results to follow, such as the MAPPING TOOL and the MULTIMEDIA PACK. The pack will feature a set of supporting materials, resources, multimedia tools, a booklet to guide Young People and Youth Workers on how to set up a green enterprise, and an eco-system of Open Badges. Lastly, Emphasys, as a dissemination leader of this project, presented the dissemination of the project, how it has been promoted thus far, and the forthcoming dissemination activities.

🌼On the 2nd day of the meeting, the partners visited a local green enterprise, where they had the chance to see a great initiative, brainstorm, and get inspired by it.