Human Resources Manager
  • Pisa, Italy
  • September 30, 2023

I thrive on connecting the dots: whether it's ideas across disciplines, individuals from diverse teams, or applications spanning various industries. My journey has been defined by a deep passion for project development, human resources management, and training – areas that continuously fuel my appetite for lifelong learning and collaborative endeavors.

My purpose? To create a meaningful impact. I'm driven by a commitment to leave an indelible mark, making each interaction and project count. This drive is firmly rooted in the principles instilled by my alma mater: serve the people. It's this foundation that ignites my fervor for servant leadership and propels me towards meaningful contributions to public service.

With a global perspective shaped by living in the USA, Italy, and Greece, I've gained insights that transcend borders and cultures. My experiences are as diverse as they are enriching: from my role as a Human Resources intern to guiding Erasmus+ students, from honing my skills as a training specialist to providing invaluable support as an administrative assistant.

Let's connect, collaborate, and create a legacy together.

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Master of Science in Economics @ University of Pisa
Sep 2019 — Current
Bachelor of Science in Economics @ University of the Philippines Los Baños
Aug 2014 — Jun 2018


Junior Human Resources Manager @ Startup Greece
Jun 2023 — Current

As an intern in Human Resources at Startup Greece, I am responsible for the comprehensive recruitment process of volunteers and other interns. This includes crafting new job descriptions, posting engaging job openings, managing email correspondence with potential candidates, reviewing applications, coordinating interviews, and ensuring a seamless onboarding process by arranging contracts and organizing schedules. Additionally, I actively contribute to monitoring employee performance, conducting evaluations, and providing offboarding support. Thriving in this dynamic startup environment, I'm passionate about fostering growth and innovation while honing my skills in HR operations and employee management.

Foreign Service Institute - Department of Foreign Affairs Philippines @ Training Specialist
Oct 2018 — Sep 2019

As a Training Specialist at the Carlos P. Romulo School of Diplomacy - International Programs and e-Learning Section, I played a vital role in the successful execution of various training initiatives. My responsibilities included actively participating in program planning sessions, preparing training materials, and ensuring seamless training room arrangements. I also took charge of drafting communications and provided valuable support during pre-training briefings and closing ceremonies. Additionally, I was instrumental in preparing budget and accomplishment reports, and my coordination efforts facilitated the delivery of specific training activities.

Throughout my tenure, I achieved remarkable accomplishments, including serving as the Focal Person for Online Language Courses in Bahasa Indonesia, French, and Spanish. I demonstrated my leadership skills by effectively managing programs like the Spanish Cultural Appreciation and Study Tour Program and the Briefing for Midwest Youth Leaders in Diaspora (YouLEAD) Immersion Program. Furthermore, I excelled as the Focal Person for the French In-Situ Class for Vancouver PCG Personnel and acted as the Rapporteur for the Orientation on Science Diplomacy for Foreign Service Personnel. As a co-Program Manager, I contributed to the success of the Course on e-Diplomacy: Social Media and Public Diplomacy.

My dedication extended to promoting foreign language scholarship programs for Foreign Service Posts and facilitating the Seminar-Workshop on Protocol and Social Graces for Philippine Red Cross Personnel. Additionally, I actively participated as a member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) on FSI QMS-ISO Certification (Documentation Team) and the TWG on FSI Strategic Planning, contributing to organizational excellence.

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