🗨️The 3rd Transnational Meeting of the GREENWAVE Project was successfully completed!

“Green is a process, not a status. We need to think of ‘green’ as a verb, not an adjective. “
– Daniel Goleman

♻️ Between the 2nd – 3rd of February 2023, the partnership conducted the 3rd Transnational Meeting (TPM3) in Pireaus, Greece for the Erasmus+ KA2 GREENWAVE YOUTH project.
👉During the meeting, the finalization of PR1 was discussed as well as the educational material developed as part of PR2. Another part of PR2 that was discussed during this fruitful meeting, was the AR Learning Game for green entrepreneurship which will incorporate scenarios and case studies about issues to be addressed. Emphasys presented PR3, the GREENWAVE platform which will host all the material developed in PR2. Dissemination, pilot testing of the activities and the C1 activity that will be hosted in Cyprus, were also topics of discussion among the consortium!